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Testimonials, what the professionals are saying.

"Could not be happier!"

I have been taking The Glow for three months now and could not be happier. My energy levels are back to when I was in my twenties... It's the most amazing supplement ever, I love it! *

-Diana G., Miami, FL


"Glow is truly fantastic!"

I am a 25-year-old male who has taken vitamins and supplements for many years. Two days after taking Glow, I experienced a dramatic improvement in my cognitive function. My ability to listen and process information was enhanced and my memory improved, creating a positive feedback loop affecting all aspects of my life, like self-esteem and self-confidence. While libido has never been an issue for me, the significant increase in libido was certainly an added bonus! I have been taking Glow for three months now, and it continues to be the most value-added item to my daily supplement routine!  Glow has allowed me to do more than glow; it has allowed me to shine.*

-Trey I.


"Laser-like focus"

I am an over-50, graduate student, taking a full course load that requires lots of reading and writing.  "The Glow" has given me a laser-like focus that I haven't had in years!*

-Maria A.


“My mood and libido have sky rocketed.”

I'm a 53 yr old female. My menstruation was completely gone by age 50. I've been using Glow for over 2 months now. I started to use it with the hope to regain energy and my libido.  At first I felt a surge of daily energy, within 3 weeks I began to feel light pulses in the clitoral area, followed by more intense pulses. My mood and libido have sky rocketed. Love my Glow...Thanks Dr. Castellanos!*

-L. Nunez., Coral Gables


“Able to take on each day with fervor and enthusiasm”

As a busy mom always on the run things get a little stressful and overwhelming. Keeping things organized is challenging between school, piano, tutoring, language classes and play dates. Since I began a daily regimen of two Glow vitamins every day there has been a remarkable change in my ability to focus and get things done without feeling the extra stress. I was so pleasantly surprised. I sleep better, have extra energy and am able to take on each day with fervor and enthusiasm.*

-Mayra E


“Felt as if I were a teenager again”

I tried Dr. Castellanos "magic supplement" (as I now like to call it) help ease my ADHD symptoms. In addition to helping with calm and focus, I really noticed a substantial increase in libido and frequency of erections. I know it could not have been a placebo effect, because I would often wake up with erections, felt as if I were a teenager again. I have since purchased a few bottles of the supplement, and would definitely recommend this product at least as a sexual booster for any of my male friends, but also as an aid for anyone with ADHD symptoms. Great stuff, thanks Dr. Castellanos!*

-D. Michael, Age 31


 “No longer intimidated by the day to day stresses of my life”

 I am a very busy executive who deals with the day to day stress involved with running a global company. In addition to my very hectic work life, traveling more than 250,000 miles a year, I have four children ages 6 - 19! Needless to say, the difficulty I had managing the many aspects of life and things "fell through the cracks" with more frequency than I cared to admit. Managing a full calendar and remaining focused in long business meetings was an ongoing battle for me.  In the two months since I began using your supplement things have changed significantly in a positive way. I began to find it so much easier to remain organized. I take on complex meetings with relative ease and have no problem remaining focused and on task. My energy level has been noticeably better and adjusting to different time zones as I travel the globe has become manageable.  I must admit than when I first tried "Glow" I was skeptical. Boy have I been pleasantly surprised. I plan to remain on my regime and no longer am intimidated by the day to day stresses of my life. My business is growing at a rapid pace, my family life is spectacular and I am truly happy.  Just thought I would share.*

-Kenneth M.


“Big blessing in my life”

I have been taking The Glow Experience for over 3 weeks and I can say with confidence that it has started to change my life. I am 30 years old, have bad premenstrual symptoms and for more than 15 years have felt anxious, sad, had focus problems and all this affected my sex life. Since I started taking "the glow" the changes have been noticeable, tangible and completely measurable. The feeling of anxiety and worry completely went away by the 4th day of taking it. My mood and focus have improved tremendously. I feel much more energized and with mind clarity to control my thoughts and emotions. I feel an improvement every day. I consider this as a big blessing in my life. Many years ago, I decided I was not going to take any chemical pills since the side effects were rough on me. Thank you for creating this wonderful supplement for all the women like me. With this supplement you allow us to balance our bodies so we can continue growing and learning how to create our desired lives.*

-Adrianna F


“It was instant magic!”

I've been suffering vaginal dryness and frequent UTI for years. At the end of February, I had an episode of acute UTI and was attended at an Urgent Care Clinic and the Nurse Practitioner recommended a follow up with a urologist. Parallel to those issues, I also suffered from Depression/Anxiety. In March 15th, I went to Dr. Castellanos, and after hearing me, she recommended that I try GLOW. I started taking the GLOW supplement the very next morning. It was instant magic! I felt so good, that out of precaution, I did not tell anyone how good I was feeling. I was really afraid that it might just be the power of suggestion and did not want to trust the feeling of wellbeing. However, after the first week of GLOW, my depression and anxiety had given way to a feeling of content and inner peace. On April 24, I went to the urologist. After a physical checkup, a CT Scan and a Cystoscopy, the urologist reported that all the organs in my Urinary System were healthy and functioning properly. I haven't had any more UTI nor Depression since I started taking GLOW. It really works!*

 -Maria G


What the Professionals are Saying

"Cutting edge of clinical practice"

Dr. Marietta Castellanos is one of the best psychiatrists that I have worked with in my 32 year career as a Clinical Psychologist, she is extremely competent and from an academic perspective, she is at the cutting edge of clinical practice. From a research perspective, she has developed an over-the-counter product that impacts mood, focus and libido with very good success. Patients whom I have referred to her have always had glowing reviews and comments.*​

-Dr. Efrain A. Gonzalez, Clinical Psychologist 


 “Cannot keep it on my shelves long enough!”

When I heard about "The Glow", I was skeptical at first. As a board certified OBGYN, not having any training in Eastern or homeopathic medicine, I realized the disadvantage. After so many women of all ages requesting my help, I did my research and with the help of Dr. Castellanos, I introduced the product to my patients. Since then, I cannot keep it on my shelves long enough! My patients are always given the option of standard, herbal medicines, devices, and counseling.  When it comes to decreased libido, unfortunately there are few options for women.  I am happy to have The Glow as part of my armamentarium; the Glow is a more natural alternative.  It not only helps with decreased libido, which is quite common in my field, it also helps my patients with their focus and with their mood. After a thorough history and physical, if the patient agrees, they are started on the product. Usually the next month they are quickly calling for their next month’s supply. My patients have been very satisfied and I will continue to offer The Glow.*

-Dr. Audry C. Vidaurre, MD
Board Certified OBGYN


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