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Designed to restore mood, focus, and libido. Glow is physician formulated by Dr. Marietta Castellanos. 

15 Day

Scientifically Studied


10,000+ Bottles Sold


Designed to restore mood, focus, and libido. Glow is physician formulated by Dr. Marietta Castellanos.





The Glow™ Supplement
The Glow™ Supplement
The Glow™ Supplement

The Glow™ Supplement


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After a long road of meticulous research, the perfect combination of ingredients was found to produce this ideal product. To prove that such an all natural product would really work, an approved institutional review board “IRB” study was conducted for a period of one year which ended with remarkable results.

Mid-Life Women's Problems

It is estimated that as many as 41% of women and men have experienced low mood and anxiety related symptoms.


Approximately 62.7% of women experience side effects relating to mood. However, with the right support, it does not have to be a difficult time for women.


Around 60% of women with anxiety, low energy and low-grade depression report feeling like they're in a “brain fog”. If you're struggling with "brain fog", give Glow Supplement a try. It may just help you feel like yourself again.


Approximately 34% of women experience vaginal dryness and lack of sexual desire. Low mood and anxiety can decrease your libido. With the right supplement, you can enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life for many years to come.

Naturally powerful, scientifically
validated results.

The proof is in the numbers. After completing a rigorous scientific study, The Glow Experience™ Supplement showed these impressive results.

Mood Increase

When converting mood scores into classification of low mood levels, low mood severity decreased rapidly over time, with 24% of participants reporting severe low mood at Day 1 and 0% reporting severe low mood at Day 30.

Focus Increase

After taking Glow Supplement, the percentage of women who experienced problems with attention decreased over time by 250% in the span of 30 days.

Libido Increase

After taking Glow Supplement, the sexual desire of the female participants increased 67% by day 30.

Benefits of Daily Use


Mood is a complex state which is affected by three combined factors: biology, psychology, and environment. Glow Supplement works to enhance mood by naturally strengthening:
- Nutritional Balance
- Learning response
- Self-confidence


Glow Supplement's unique blend formulation works together to strengthen cognitive function, resulting in:
- Enhanced attention span
- Enhanced concentration levels
- Enhanced memory capacity


Glow Supplement is designed to help menopausal women regain their libido and enjoy enhanced sexual pleasure resulting in:
- Enhanced sexual desire
- Enhanced arousal
- Enhanced lubrication
- Enhanced orgasm
- Enhanced sexual satisfaction

The Glow™ Supplement
The Glow™ Supplement
The Glow™ Supplement

The Glow™ Supplement


-Enhances Mood, Focus & Libido

-Natural supplement (NON-GMO) 

-60 Vegan capsules per bottle

-No sugar wheat, yeast or gluten



What to expect

Our Natural Ingredients



Gingko Biloba


Saw Palmetto Berry

Epimodium Herb Extract (Horny goat weed)

Tribulus Terrestris

Tongkat Ali

Avena Sativa

The Glow Experience™ Is Supported by Peer-Reviewed Clinical Research

Our physician formulated supplement is clinically shown to increase mood, focus, and libido. The study included over 600 applicants and 63 participants. It has since been published in the scientific journal Mental Health in Family Medicine. 

Read The Full Research Article Here

The Glow Experience


Diana G

I have been taking The Glow Experience™ for three months now and could not be happier. My energy levels are back to when I was in my twenties... It's the most amazing supplement ever, I love it!*

L. Nunez.

I'm a 53 yr old female. My menstruation was completely gone by age 50. I've been using Glow™ for over 2 months now. I started to use it with the hope to regain energy and my libido. At first I felt a surge of daily energy, within 3 weeks I began to feel light pulses in the clitoral area, followed by more intense pulses. My mood and libido have sky rocketed. Love my Glow Experience™...Thanks Dr. Castellanos!*

Paul Spencer

I am a long term believer in Glow. I have been taking Glow for more than eight years now. For me it has been the best path to gain back the resources of life. It has been the impulse that ignited my fire again! Glow™ has allowed me to do more than glow; it has allowed me to shine*

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