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Efficacy of Glow

on Alleviating Symptoms of Inattention, Hyperactivity/Impulsivity, Depression and Sexual Dysfunction; A Preliminary Study


Open-label clinical study trial. The study was in compliance with the Office for Human Research Protections Regulations for the Protection of Human Subjects.

A natural supplement (Glow) was administered to all participants, 2 tablets daily in combination with the medications the participants had been taking for 60 days. Data for 63 participants were evaluated on Day 1, Day 15 and Day 30.

Instruments used for evaluation were:

1- Abbreviated ADHD symptom checklist 4

2- Becks Depression Inventory

3- Female sexual function index

4- International index of erectile function questionnaire


Findings showed that patients could effectively alleviate:

1) ADHD related symptoms, such as inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity

2) depression

3) female sexual dysfunction, such as, sexual function in desire, arousal, lubrication, orgsm, ans satisfaction as soon as 15 days of Glow consumption.

The sexual desire for male participants improved significantly only after using Glow for 30 days. The overall satisfaction of sexual function for male improved after using Glow for 15 days

This open label clinical trial demonstrated that Glow is effective and safe to alleviate symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity/impulsivity,depression. and sexual dysfunction.